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10 Ways To Know If He Actually Likes You Or Just Using You For Sex

Ways To Know If He Actually Likes You Or Just Using You For Sex Photo| www.wholeparent.com Okay so you have been hooking up with this guy for months now but it seems like it isn't going anywhere, red flags keep popping up and you know you deserve better but you just keep thinking, [...]

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Girlfriends Must Reads

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Minimalistic Nail Designs To Try This Summer (This post may have affiliate links ) [...]

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5 Meatless Monday Recipes Perfect For Taco Tuesday  If there is one thing you should [...]

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Throwing your first dinner party and don't know if you're setting the table correctly? Trust [...]

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The Perfect Summer Dresses ( This post may have affiliate links) It's been a hot [...]

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5 Good Morning Text To Send To Your Signigifcant Other

Let me know if you have done this or not, I know I have. You wake up in the morning rolling over with hopes that that special someone sent you a sweet good morning text. Which makes you feel like you were the first thing on their mind when they woke up. Slowly opening your [...]

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5 Books To Cuddle Up With This Fall

5 Books To Read This Fall  This Blog May Have Affiliate Links Switching out your beach towel for a comfy blanket and your fashion magazine for a new novel to get lost in, this week I share 5 of my favorite books for Fall so lets get cozy! Curl up on your couch with a cup [...]

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Sweater Dresses To Try This Fall

9 Sweater Dresses To Try This Fall Photo| Pinterest I just love this time of year, not only do I get to bundle up, drink hot coco and spend time with my loved ones but it's slowly becoming "sweater weather" here in Los Angeles!The thought of wrapping myself up in an oversized sweater [...]

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6 Quotes About Being Single & Why It’s Not A Bad Thing

6 Quotes About Being Single  Being single especially during the holidays isn't as bad as people play it out to be.  With the holiday's fast approaching it seems inevitable that a family member will  ask you how you're doing, how work is and if you are dating anybody new? Really Aunt Jodie, really you ask me [...]

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