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10 Not Your Average Engagement Photos Ideas

Engagement photos, lets face it can either make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside or they make you feel like you might be sick from too much "cuteness" in one photo. Whether you are on one end of the spectrum or you find yourself somewhere in between, I have put together a list of [...]

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Girlfriends Must Reads

Relationship Quotes:  Here are some great quotes to remind you about love, self love, giving [...]

How You Can Host A Friendsgving And Give Back To A Child In Need.  Our [...]

How To Get The Look For Less: Reese Witherspoon's Draper James  I don't know about [...]

Friday Favorites: The Perfect Boots For Fall 2016 Under $100 Photo| abcnews.go.com| This Post May [...]

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Motivational Monday Quotes

Motivational Monday Quotes  This Monday motivation is a group of some of my favorite quotes I heard over the past week! Some I haven't heard in awhile and others are ones I just heard for the first time and really hit home for me. I wanted to share with you these quotes in hopes that [...]

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4 Things Never To Do In A Relationship

  Sometimes in relationships we often get tied up in trying to do everything right that we might not see that we are doing something that can potentially be detremental to the relationship as a whole. After speaking with many couples and other relationship experts here are four things that couples should never do in [...]

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5 Must Haves For Couples Who Like To Stay In

Although my boyfriend and I love to spend time with friends either out on the town or inviting them over there for a night in there is nothing that beats just the two of us on the couch, in our sweats, sweet treats, a bottle of wine, the dog and a good movie. Time together [...]

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Falling In Love Quotes

Falling In Love Quotes  Falling in love is probably one of the most amazing feelings in the world and whether it last forever or just for a moment in time that euphoric state you feel when falling in love with someone is unlike anything you have felt before. That's why for this Monday Motivation I [...]

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