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How To Make A Great Impression On The First Date

Photo|whattosaytogirls Whether your friend's set you up, you met at the bar and exchanged numbers or you "met" online the whole process of dating can be intimidating. Especially when it comes to the first date. First dates can be nerve wracking if you ask me. Countless thoughts run through my head which can cause [...]

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Girlfriends Must Reads

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7 Fast & Easy One-Pan Dinner Recipes For After-Work I know I have had those [...]

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5 Tips To Get The Most Kissable Lips For Date Night.  Photo| favim.com [...]

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5 Meal Hacks For The Single Girl Sometimes it's just easy to pop something in [...]

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Modern Day Influencers In a society where it's easier to hide behind a screen we [...]

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The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming

“Oneth if friend, twoeth…..well you’ll see” Photo| relatably I have a confession to make: I’m a huge sucker for a man with an accent. Whether it’s that twinkle in their eye, the way they have mastered that half “nice guy”, half “bad boy” smirk that makes their upper lip curl, or it’s just [...]

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5 Tips for Couples Who Want To Get Fit Together

Lets face it, a lot of us gain a few love pounds when it comes to relationships. It is easy to not completely follow a path you were once on before you had another person to take into consideration. Sometimes sleeping in on a Saturday morning with your significant other is more enticing than dragging [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Perfect Father's Day Gift Guide For 2016! Is it just me or is finding the perfect gift for your dad on Father's Day harder than finding a gift for any other member in your family? What do you get the man who was your first love, probably taught you how to ride a bike and [...]

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Wine Wednesday White Wine Slushies

Summer Cocktail:  White Wine Slushies  Super simple and easy to make this delicious White Wine Slushie is not only the perfect way for you and your guest to beat summer heat but it's a great drink to prep ahead of time so you can bask in the summer sun with your friends! This White Wine [...]

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