• 15 ways to jump start your day

15 Ways To Jump Start Your Day

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and aren't to upset that it's Monday already! Need a little motivation to get you through the work day, don't worry I got you covered! This Monday Motivation is all about simple and easy ways to jump start your day off on right foot and [...]

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Girlfriends Must Reads

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Minimalistic Nail Designs To Try This Summer Photo| Bustle When it comes to [...]

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5 Meatless Monday Recipes Perfect For Taco Tuesday  If there is one thing you should [...]

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Throwing your first dinner party and don't know if you're setting the table correctly? Trust [...]

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It's been a hot one here in California and when the temperatures get over 75 [...]

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One Thing Happy Couples Do Every Day: (Communication)

I have been blessed to have parents that have been happily married for the last 32 years and grandparents that were married for 65 years. Surrounded by friends and family who have been in successful long lasting relationships they are often where I draw inspiration for my blog posts and where I gather some of [...]

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5 Things That Goes Through A Girls Head When A Man Lifts His Shirt At The Gym.

Okay! I will admit I like looking at a nice sweaty "sculpted" body at the gym just like anyone else does but when I am trying to do bicep curls at my gym and Mr. Macho to my right is lifting up his shirt and making a duck face in the mirror while picking out [...]

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5 Ways To Fight Fair

5 Ways To Fight Fair In Any Relationship Learning how to communicate with your partner is probably one of the biggest factors in a long lasting & healthy relationship. Often times we can get so lost in our own emotions to remember to validate our significant others. Feel like your little disagreements are turning into [...]

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5 Quotes To Help Mend A Broken Heart

Breaking up is hard to do. I think it's safe to say that we can all agree on that! I know that for me that  typically  during that time of a broken heart I do the most growing & healing. One thing that has helped me with that internal growth the most are quotes. Little [...]

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