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Girlfriends Must Reads

Relationship Quotes:  Here are some great quotes to remind you about love, self love, giving [...]

How You Can Host A Friendsgving And Give Back To A Child In Need.  Our [...]

How To Get The Look For Less: Reese Witherspoon's Draper James  I don't know about [...]

Friday Favorites: The Perfect Boots For Fall 2016 Under $100 Photo| abcnews.go.com| This Post May [...]

5 Saint Patricks Day Cocktails

 Saint Patricks Day Cocktails It's about that time of year when we're all looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, wish  and hoping we have something green in our closetso we don't get punched and hopefully a mindset to comprhend a full day of drinking with friends! With the Saint [...]

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Romantic Dinner Recipes

The Best Romantic Dinner Recipes On my most recent trip to see my boyfriend, I cooked most of our meals at home. Finding it difficult to find recipes that just fed two, I searched the internet for some delicious, easy to make romantic dinner recipes for two. Whether you are cooking for your significant other, [...]

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Quick Guide: To Making The First Move

Quick Guide: To Making The First Move (Ladies) Photo| Elitedaily.com I've been asked this question many times, “Who makes the first move, a man or a woman?” I personally don’t think it's as simple as a one-word answer. Typically most people think a man should make the first move; if a woman makes [...]

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The Best Online Dating Sites

The Best Online Dating Sites "To find the needle in the haystack, you want lots of needles and not too much hay." Today’s singles have more ways to find love than ANY generation before them. Seemingly it is safe to say that the iPhone has become the new little black book creating more options to [...]

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