Ways To Keep His Attention

They say guys are simple creatures but when it comes to dating why does it seem to be so difficult to grab and keep a man’s attention?

I asked a group of my guy friends why this was the case and boy that is a longer post (which I am working on) but they did give me some tips on what they find attractive that women do that helps hold their attention.

18 Ways To Keep His Attention

1.Go More Natural: (When it comes to makeup not when it comes hygiene.)

2.Don’t Try Too Hard:

3.Don’t Appear Too High Maintenance:

4.Make Him Work For Your Attention:

5.Don’t Call Him First

6.Be Nice To His Friends

7.Don’t Act Too Jealous

8.Make Him Laugh

9.Make Plans Without Him

10.Act Confident

11.Be Mysterious

12.Pay Attention To What He Likes

13.Compliment Him

14.Dress Up

15.Cook For Him

16.Take Care Of Yourself

17.Flirt With Him

18.Be Appreciative

What are some of your ways to keep his attention. 

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