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Always the girl that friends and family went to looking for advice on life and love I found myself sharing personal stories, lessons learned and wisdom that I gathered along the way. After years of sharing these life moments, I wanted to create a safe place for my friends and family and anyone else trying to navigate through this new frontier of “living and loving in the digital age.” This became the seeds of The Modern Day Girlfriend.

Today’s singles have more ways to find love than ANY generation before them. Seemingly it is safe to say that the iPhone has become the new little black book creating more options to finding love than ever before. Leaving us so digitally connected that we are disconnected to the actual physical people around us.

We are living life one swipe removed from human contact and it has turned the world of dating, the way we conduct business, living everyday life, family dynamics and friendships as we once knew them and has created a new reality.

Millennials and the generations to follow will not know what it is like to be in a photo without the fear of being “tagged” or experience a sunset through their eyes instead of a touch screen. The so-called digital age has not only changed the way we physically communicate with each other but has “swiped right” on how we find love, remain friends and in some cases equate our self-worth.

Even though we all “might” (I know I am) be “guilty” of all of the above, I noticed a common thread and that was we want to find a way to put our phones down and contact face to face, eye to eye. “I know, easier said than done!”

At the end of the day, life and love shouldn’t be defined by a post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Remember not everyone is who they POST to be and that’s why at The Modern Day Girlfriend you will find real, personal, honest, sometimes embarrassing, fun, funny and raw stories of “living and loving in the digital age.”

When people visit The Modern Day Girlfriend you will be inspired and empowered by the stories you read and find helpful tips for building and sustain friendships, relationships and raising your family in an age where it is easier just to “phone it in.” LITERALLY!


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